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Patron of the Polironian abbey, of which St. Benedict is the owner, he is a little known saint. Simeon was born around 960/70 in Armenia, a region that adheres to the Christian faith among the first, remaining firmly faithful to it despite the many persecutions. After a first period dedicated to the hermit's life, he undertakes a great pilgrimage of faith… not for a few years, but for his entire life! He visited all the sanctuaries of medieval piety: Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostela, Tours.

Around 1012, now elderly, Simeon arrived at Polirone, where he was welcomed by the first monks in the newly founded monastery of the Canossa family. Here he lives in peace and prayer, also esteemed by the rude Marquis Bonifacio of Canossa until his death on July 26, 1016. In Polirone he is buried and venerated thanks to the acknowledgment of his holiness by Pope Benedict VIII (1024). To this day his body rests in the 1st chapel on the left of the Polironian Basilica.

In the cloister dedicated to him you can admire the frescoes that tell of his miracles.

Miracle of the doe: It was winter and Saint Simeon was in a hermitage with two disciples. They could not go out because of the snow and were tormented by hunger. They then invoked God's mercy and a doe appeared at the door of their hut, bowing its head, offering itself as food.

Miracle of the herringbone: While a monk named Andrew ate, a fishbone lodged in his throat. He could neither reject it nor swallow it, he was choking. They hurriedly sent for Saint Simeon, he came and, raising his eyes to heaven, made a sign of the cross on his wounded throat. The monk recovered immediately.

Miracle of the lion: Saint Simeon was in Mantua, called by Bonifacio of Canossa. In a square, in chains, there was a lion. Saint Simeon approached him and put his hand in its mouth: the animal began to lick it and crouched at his feet.

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