Monastic Complex - Turismo San Benedetto Po

Monastic Complex - Turismo San Benedetto Po


The Monastery of Polirone was founded in 1007 by Tedaldo of Canossa, grandfather of the famous Countess Matilde, on the island that was located between the Po and the Lirone rivers. The abbey played a fundamental role in the history of Italian and European monasticism, so much so that it was called "the Montecassino of the north". In the itinerary of the visit you can admire all the characteristic rooms of the monastery, which have remained almost intact, letting yourself be seduced by the silence of the cloisters, contemplating with amazement the magnificence of the abbey church, stopping in front of grandiose works of art, getting lost in the corridors and rooms dorms.

Cloister of Saint Simeon

Cloister of Saint Benedict

Last Supper by Girolamo Bonsignori, former monastic refectory

The sixteenth-century cellars

The Polironian Civic Museum

The Abbey Church




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